Thank you for your interest in DaCRA over the years. However, we are closing DaCRA as we now have a much better alternative.

In the future The Danish Cardiovascular Academy (DCAcademy) will take over the role as the Danish Cardiovascular network after DaCRA, embracing both clinical research, basic investigations, medico and biotech, and all other aspect of cardiovascular research, development, registration, prevention and treatment. This academy is for all us with an interest in cardiovascular research in Denmark.

We hope that you will join the new Academy and become a member. A membership is for free and will entail the following advantages:

  • Possibility of applying for PhD scholarships, Post Doctorate fellowships, travel grants and visiting professor grants
  • Participation in DCAcademy organized events, including seminars, workshops, summer & winter schools
  • First-hand information on above-mentioned opportunities through DCAcademy Newsletter (max 6 Newsletters a year)

Apply for DCAcademy membership